Video Surveillance Installation And Services

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Video Surveillance

Centerpoint offers video surveillance services for your business. With one of our video surveillance solutions you can record while you are away, monitor your warehouse inventory, check on your employees as they work, safeguard against shoplifting and provide video evidence of wrongdoing. You can count on Centerpoint Communicaitons to install a surveillance system that meet your specific needs.

Equipment Sales & Support

We will help you in purchase the correct DVR, Cameras and other components for your project. Video Surveillance systems are comprised of a Digital Video Recorder, security camera, cable for video and power.

Camera Placement & Mounting

We mount cameras in various locations around your business environment. We always take into consideration what purpose you want the cameras to serve and place them in the best areas to serve that purpose. For example, if you want to monitor the main entrance to your office at night, place a security camera in a location where it has full visibility of the door.

Connection and Testing of Devices

After all of the cameras are mounted, we terminate the video and audio cables to your DVR. At this point, we test all of the terminations and review the cameras are aimed to the customers’ satisfaction. After all of the cameras have been adjusted and testing is complete, we are ready to configure the DVR.

DVR Programming & Configuration

We configure the DVR to meet your needs; select whether you want it to record full time or only record when there is motion detected. This is also the part of the project that we setup remote web monitoring.

Cusomter Training

When all of the installation and programming has been finished, we show the customer how to use the system and give them the login credentials for remote monitoring. We will gladly answer any question you may have about the new system.

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