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The full name of CCTV is closed-circuit television. It was first utilized by "Siemens AG" in Peenemude, Germany in order to observe launching of rocket. It is used to convey a signal in a particular place. Closed-circuit television camera is different from the broadcast camera. Broadcast camera is openly transmitted, whereas it is connected from one signal to another. Closed-circuit camera is often used by the airports, casinos, banks, shopping centers and military installations. CCTV equipment helps to survey the processes from a central room. Videotelephony is also termed as closed-circuit television. Video usually means distance visualization. Therefore, it can be said that videoteleophony named as closed-circuit camera is used for distance vision. It was produced for the human protection.

CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera i.e. closed-circuit camera is a video camera which helps to broadcast signal from one place to the other. It can create images as well as video recordings that can be utilized for the process of surveillance. CCTV camera which can be either digital still based camera or video camera was invented by Marie van Brittan Brown. It is an openly transmitted program. Closed circuit camera helps in many fields such as industrial plot and educational field. Highly developed CCTV is there with a digital video recorder, email alert and certain extra features are also included. Recently, IP based Closed-circuit camera was introduced with internal flash and megapixel camera. United Kingdom particularly use closed circuit camera in excess of the other countries. It is commonly used nowadays to prevent political disorder.

Home Surveillance Camera

Home surveillance camera is a video recorder, which is usually set for home purpose. It will assist you to watch the whole process, which is running inside your home. Home surveillance protects you from robbery and crime. Home surveillance camera has developed over time and certain features have been added in it. Now, you can use new technological home camera with infrared camera, motion sensor and internet connection. Now-a-days, robbery are rising and it is necessary to protect your family and as well as your property. Home surveillance camera can also identify the foot step. Hence, it can be said that it is the safe electronic camera for your home.

IP Camera

IP camera usually means Internet protocol camera. It is a digital camera, which is essentially used for surveillance. Axis Communications introduced it in 1996 by the team Martin Gren and Carl-Axen Alm. Therefore, it sends and receives data through computer and internet. Most of the camera use webcam but internet protocol camera are only for the surveillance users. Two types of IP cameras are there namely Centralized IP camera and Decentralized IP camera. Centralized IP camera requires a network video recorder (video, alarm) and decentralized IP camera does not need network recorder (flash drives, hard disk drives).

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance is recognized as to have an observation on someone. In simple terms, the word surveillance means "watching over". Surveillance camera is now a day most popularly used. People often do not get time to judge everything; however, with the help of surveillance cameras they can watch the things, which are going around. These systems are also used to prevent threat and crime. Now, you can use surveillance cameras in your home, office, factories and stores. The following types of surveillance cameras are available such as fake security, convert surveillance cameras, wireless security cameras, night vision cameras and home surveillance cameras. You can use any of these for your purpose.

Surveillance Camera System

The word "surveillance" itself means observation or supervision. Surveillance camera system is an essential electronic device for the governmental sectors, to provide peace and non-violence among the people. Surveillance camera system is wireless electronic information transformer. It is usually used to maintain law and order because "Surveillance camera system" helps to watch an outdoor area sitting in a room. There are various types of surveillance system such as computer surveillance, biometric surveillance, social network analysis, aerial surveillance, corporate surveillance, human observation, identification and credential and many more systems are available. These systems are used to judge the people behavior.

Security Camera

Security camera is essentially used for the security purpose. There are many types of security cameras such as closed-circuit television camera, home surveillance camera, security surveillance camera and IP camera. Security camera is usually used in home, banks and jewelry shop, business firms and governmental offices. Security cameras are important factors for the security purpose; at times, it saves the life of people. You can also use hidden camera, it helps to investigate a person without his knowledge. Now-a-days, corruption is increasing and people are not secured. Therefore, it will be better for people to use security camera to prevent outside as well as inside threats.

Security Surveillance System

With the growth of technology security system is also changing. Security Surveillance system is a closed-circuit television system used for the observation of people. Instead of making a person guard your home, you can use security surveillance camera. There are various security surveillance cameras available; these electronic devices contain webcam, which helps to shield you from the threat. Security surveillance is usually needed for the governments to maintain social order in a country. In today's world, security is an essential factor because day-by-day crime is rising and it does not have any end. However, security surveillance system will protect you from danger.

PTZ Camera

The full name of PTZ Camera is Pan Tilt Zoom camera. It is a closed-circuit television (CTV) camera. PTZ camera is different from the other cameras as it has zoom control power along with remote directional control. The new version of Pan Tilt Zoom camera has an auto tracking and mega pixel facilities. The Pan Tilt Zoom camera has two uses; firstly, it can be used as surveillance camera. Secondly, PTZ camera can be described as the combination of all other kind of instruments because its sound quality, picture quality and video recorder are ideal. If anyone is thinking to purchase security camera than PTZ camera is a perfect option.

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